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At Dear Sarah we specialize in faith based events that empower women and small businesses.
Welcome to our community! We are excited for you to join us where we wholeheartedly embrace the journey of fulfilling God’s promise…together.  

Our 2023 brunch hosts and panelist graced us with heartfelt praise, profound wisdom, and unwavering encouragement, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

Recording Artist & Pastor

Timiney Figueroa

Our guest speaker, Timiney Figuero echoed the strength of a thousand women through her praise and worship. Her words became a beacon, guiding us toward self-discovery and inspiring the Sarah within us all.

Bougiew Wealth Group

Shavonna Perkins

Serving as the panelist financial expert, she illuminated the path to financial freedom with grace and expertise. Her words resonated, reminding us that aligning our financial journey with God’s plan leads to a life of abundance and divine fulfillment.

Kingdom Love Center Ministries

Pastor Me’Shea C. Marks

Pastor Marks shared practical advice for women, urging them to embrace the divine potential within. With profound wisdom, she encouraged women to take the next step in their career or education, emphasizing that God’s purpose for us knows no bounds.


LaJamia Banks

In the radiant presence of the Spirit, LaJamia invoked ancestral strength to deliver a powerful ministry at the brunch. Through her inspiring words, we were all drawn into the embodiment of Sarah – a testament to faith, resilience, and grace. May her words continue to echo, inspiring countless others on their journeys, just as she did for us.

Covering My Sisters Inc.

Grace Clark

Grace Clark covered the vital topic of mental health with profound insight. She championed the significance of women embracing self-care, acknowledging their mental well-being, and navigating moments of unease without shame. Her words were not just guidance; they were a lifeline. Grace shared actionable steps, empowering each of us to nurture our mental health conscientiously.

Registered Nurse

Shaniqua Dawson

Along with sharing her personal testimony and journey, Shaniqua emphasized the importance of women’s physical health and well-being, focusing on the significance of regular screenings. She discussed the need for routine check-ups, early detection of health issues, and the positive impact on overall well-being through preventive measures. Most importantly, Shaniqua gave practical advice on how women can advocate for themselves and ensure they get the health care they deserve.

Dear Sarah Brunch 2023

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